Rural Support Programmes Network (RSPN), Pakistan

Vitol-RSPN Promotion of Community Environment and Household Hygiene through Local Support Organisations

In Pakistan total forest area is only 5.2 percent and reforestation is not keeping pace with the growth in population. Deforestation and problem related to solid wastes management are a major cause of environmental degradation in the country. Environmental degradation exerts significant pressure on human health. Exposure to air, water and soil pollution, to chemicals in the environment, or to noise are causing cancer, respiratory, cardiovascular and communicable diseases, as well as poisoning and neuro-psychiatric disorders. Other diseases caused by environmental hazards are diarrhea, lower respiratory infections, various forms of unintentional injuries and malaria. According to World Health Organization (WHO) nearly one quarter of all deaths and of the total disease burden can be attributed to the environment.