Rural Support Programmes Network (RSPN), Pakistan

COVID-19 Efforts by LSO Tameer-e-Nau Haripur

June 2, 2020

When it comes to fighting the pandemic, the rural communities of Pakistan are rising up to the challenge. Ms. Saeeda Shah of Local Support Organisation (LSO) Tameer-e-Nau, UC Derwish Haripur shared the progress of their LSO showcasing their hard work to combat COVID-19. She shared that:

  • Awareness/sensitisation campaigns were held by CRPs in all the villages along with the adjacent area of the UC, the target of each CRP was to conduct at least 4-5 sessions in their areas and complete the 80% households in the village. About 900 households were covered under this campaign
  • The LSO distributed 450 packages of (Masks, Gloves, and Sanitisers) – donated by local philanthropists
  • The LSO assisted the deserving families in data uploading in Prime Minister’s Ehsaas Programme
  • 50 Women received PKR 600,000/- under PM’s Ehssas Programme @ PKR 12000/- each
  • The LSO distributed 50 Medical Kits among deserving families – donated by Qarshi Industries Hattar
  • The LSO distributed 250 ration packages among the deserving families – donated by different local philanthropists in the UCs
  • They distributed cash of PKR 150,000/- among 25 families – local philanthropists